A Great State for Workers and Businesses

Mark is proud to represent Tysons, recognized as the robust economic engine for Virginia and the home of several of the largest corporations in America.

But Mark knows that great companies cannot succeed if they don’t treat their employees with good pay and benefits and provide healthy work environments.

That is why Mark has supported policies to create good jobs in Virginia while promoting rights for workers.

As an entrepreneur, Mark understands how government red tape and bureaucracy can become obstacles for a small business to grow.

That is why Mark drafted and passed into law bills to reduce burdens on businesses, allow new industry sectors and innovative business ideas to be launched, make the tax system more efficient, and go after those who abuse the system.

But Mark has also fought for the rights of workers to be better represented at work, including by joining organized unions or engaging in collective bargaining.

Mark drafted a bill to prohibit companies from discriminating against a potential worker due to that worker’s unemployment status or military status

Mark introduced a bill to address abusive work environments that make it difficult for workers to perform their duties, or to retaliate against anyone who accuses their workplace of such abusive environments. 

As a strong supporter of paid leave and increasing the minimum wage, Mark pushed for a bill to require paid “safe days” off from work for those who may be victims of domestic violence or other related issues to deal with their legal or health issues.


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