Government Transparency & Accountability

When Mark first began serving in the House in 2010, he noticed that there was no easy way for a member of the public to navigate the Virginia state legislature’s website to find out how their representative voted on any issue.

Mark joined a Republican classmate, Delegate Jim LeMunyon, and together, they successfully pushed for change with the legislature’s leadership.  Their bipartisan efforts to improve transparency resulted in this search feature being added to the Virginia Legislative Information System.  

Now, you can go to this link, click where it says:See how my delegate or senator voted on the floor, committee or subcommittee” and select Mark’s name (or any of the legislators) to view how your representative voted in any legislative session.

As chairman of the House Post-Secondary and Higher Education Subcommittee, Mark worked with Virginia’s public colleges and universities to unanimously pass into law a comprehensive transparency bill to require the schools’ governing boards of visitors to publicly livestream their meetings, allow more public input into their proceedings, and make more information available to students.

Mark passed a bill to require the state’s highway department to make its annual reports available to the public at large, to educate all Virginians on how the agency is complying with the National Environmental Policy Act, among other information. 


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