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Mark and his family have had their share of health issues, including losing loved ones to cancer.  But they were fortunate to have good health insurance provided by their employers, so the financial costs of seeking healthcare services did not necessarily add to the devastating physical and mental tolls on their family.

But Mark knows that they are better off than so many Virginians for whom even the most basic healthcare can be inaccessible.

That is why he was proud to support expanding Medicaid in Virginia through the state provisions in the federal Affordable Care Act.  His vote on Medicaid expansion has allowed over four hundred thousand low income Virginians to seek lifesaving health services.

Mark has always supported people’s right to pursue their own healthcare decisions, including decisions by women and their medical providers to seek access to safe reproductive healthcare.

Mark has also worked to promote better public health by drafting bills to assist Virginians with specific health needs.

Mark heard from numerous constituents who live in condos, townhomes, and apartments about how they were exposed to dangerous second hand smoke from neighbors below or next door to them.  That is why he passed a law to allow homeowner and condominium owners associations to ban smoking in multi-residential living spaces to prevent second-hand smoke within the shared residential areas.

As a father of teenagers, he learned how little information young Virginians had about new nicotine products that are popular among their peers.  That is why he passed a law to educate students about health risks of nicotine vapor products.

Having a son with severe allergies, Mark and his wife were used to carrying medical devices and medication on trips with their children.  That is why he passed a law to make epinephrine available in public places in case of Virginians who have emergency anaphylactic reactions.

Working with young constituents who, like his son, suffer from food allergies, Mark passed a law to require restaurants to have staff trained on health risks of food allergies to ensure that customers can be more confident about what they are ordering. 

After meeting a constituent whose back was severely burned from a cosmetic treatment gone wrong, Mark passed a law to require only licensed and properly trained professionals be allowed to conduct dangerous laser hair removal procedures.  

Mark worked with constituents of differing physical abilities to pass a law to require the Department of Motor Vehicles to indicate that a person is blind or vision impaired on their state identification card. 

Mark introduced the first bill in Virginia to address the growing public health concerns over hoarding in residential neighborhoods.


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