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Tysons, Virginia, is a dynamic and robust economic and social community that has everything that a modern resident could want: great jobs with leading companies, world-class retail shopping, entertainment options, the newest mass transit options in the national capital region, and soon-to-be walkable and bikeable residential neighborhoods.

The Tysons region is not only the economic engine of Fairfax County, it attracts major employers and jobs, which in turn drives revenues to the state and local governments.

While Mark is pleased to represent such an exciting community in the state legislature, the ongoing developments around Tysons also bring massive infrastructure and transportation needs as the growing population of workers and residents demand better access to services.

Mark has worked on several initiatives to assist residents and businesses in Tysons, including placing massive electric power lines underground, seeking more transportation funding from the state, and attempting to reduce property taxes for elderly residents. 

Another huge development taking place in the 35th District is the expansion of I-66 outside the beltway, which has impacted every resident in the nearby community for several years.

This Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) project would add an additional traffic lane in both directions while converting the previously-free interstate highway into one with partial paid tolls.

Mark opposed this highway project and fought alongside thousands of constituents to block the implementation.  Unfortunately, the state authorized the expansion project which has resulted in several of the residents losing their homes through eminent domain.

For years, Mark has worked with constituents to address their concerns with the Governor, Transportation Secretary, the Commonwealth Transportation Board, and other VDOT officials.  His efforts saved some of the homes that were slated to be torn down through government takings.

In the legislature, Mark has introduced several measures to address transportation and infrastructure issues, including a bill to assist in electrifying the transportation sector,  study improvements to crosswalk safety, and allowing local governments to regulate use of electric scooters.


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