The Environment & Climate Crisis

As an attorney, Mark has practiced environmental law, including drafting rules to ensure that a federal agency complied with the National Environmental Policy Act.

As a legislator, Mark has focused on transforming Virginia’s economy from dependence on fossil fuels to one that utilizes more renewable and other emerging sources of cleaner energy.

Since his first term in office, Mark has introduced numerous bills to protect the environment and conserve our natural resources, create wildlife corridors, promote renewable energy, incentivize efficiency, provide equity and justice for low income or minority consumers by requiring state agencies to better scrutinize projects that could emit pollution, and hold public utilities more accountable.

Mark is the author of the Virginia Environmental Justice Act and the Solar Freedom Act.

He passed laws to create a Virginia Electric Vehicle Fund Program to assist local schools replace carbon-emitting diesel buses with electric versions, to make more electric vehicles available to Virginia drivers, to ban offshore drilling along Virginia’s coastal shores, and to assist consumers in being more energy efficient


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