World Class Public Education

As immigrants who learned English as a second language, both Mark and his wife were educated in public schools all the way through graduate levels.  Their son and daughter also attended public schools from kindergarten to college. 

Having benefited tremendously from these education experiences, Mark knows the value of having strong public schools for the individual students and for the community at large.  

Serving on the House Education Committee, Mark has supported efforts to keep Virginia’s public schools as some of the best in the nation.

In addition to fully funding education from the state’s budget, he has introduced numerous bills to improve the schools’ curriculum, reduce class sizes, and to provide teachers and administrators more tools to do their important jobs.

One of Mark’s concerns is the potential gap between what students learn in formal education today, and the needs of jobs in the future.

That is why he has focused on developing the workforce of the future by passing a bill to provide students with more information about apprenticeships, internships, and other work-based learning experiences. 

Mark worked with Governor Ralph Northam to pass the Get Skilled, Get a Job, Give Back (G3)” program which provides free community college for qualified students seeking to work in high-demand fields.

Mark also expanded the eligibility to allow more low-income senior citizens to take college courses for free to provide them with lifelong learning opportunities.

To address some emotional and mental conditions of younger students on campus, Mark reduced the number of active shooter lockdown drills, increased the ratio of counselors and social workers available to students, protected students with concussions, and required menstrual supplies to be available in school restrooms.


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