• How my Office Can Serve You

    Share your opinions on bills and issues

    I read each and every one of your letters and emails, because it helps me make decisions on your behalf in the legislature.

    Request a Certificate or Commending Resolutions

    You can request a certificate for a celebration, award, eagle scout, graduation, or anything that is meaningful to you and your family.

    Ask me to come speak at your event or school

    I love getting out in the community and speaking about my experiences in the Legislature and important issues of the day. Please don't hesitate to ask.

    Learn about the legislative process.

  • The 35th house District of Virginia

    Do you live in the 35th district? Find out here.


  • Share your opinions & concerns

    • For policy and legislative matters during session: DelMKeam@house.virginia.gov

    • For constituent service anytime: janine@MarkKeam.com

    • For all other matters, including campaign-related: info@MarkKeam.com

    Delegate Mark Keam
    P.O. Box 1134
    Vienna, VA 22183-1134

    Richmond Office:
    Pocahontas Building, Rm E215
    Richmond, VA 23219
    District Phone: (703) 350-3911 Richmond Phone: (804) 698-1035
  • The Legislative Process

    Here's a short primer on the legislative process, and how you can influence it.



    John works with constituents, advocacy groups, and other legislators to decide what bills to push forward.



    John works with the good lawyers at the Department of Legislative Services to turn ideas into legislation.



    Each bill is sent by the Majority Leader to a subcommittee, where it is considered. Most bills stop here and are sent back for more work.


    Full Committee

    If the subcommittee approves the bill, the full committee will have a chance to vote on it.


    Senate Floor

    If the bill passes out of committee, it must be read and passed on the Senate floor.


    House Floor

    If approved by the Senate, the bill will travel to the House during the 2nd half of session. If the House passes the bill, it goes directly to the Governor.


    Conference Committee

    If the House makes amendments to the bill, it will go to conference where legislators from both parties and both houses will meet to hash it out.


    Governor's Signature

    No bill can become a law without the Governor's signature, but he has the option to veto the bill instead, which the House & Senate can override with a 2/3rds majority.

  • Resources & Services

    If you or someone you know needs assistance, we are here to help.

    If you need assistance navigating any of these government resources or any government agencies, please contact our office.

    Casework my office can assist with:

    • Unemployment Claims

      During the 2021 Special Session 1 of the General Assembly, Virginia’s unemployment compensation law was amended to permit the VEC to waive the requirement that an overpayment be repaid if certain conditions are met. If you receive a waiver application, you will have 30 days to return the application.

    • Department of Motor Vehicles (Driver’s license, vehicle registration, etc.)

    • Medicaid

    If you would like information on transportation, the environment, capital investment as well as operations and maintenance in these areas in the Town of Vienna, please call the Town of Vienna Public Works Department:


    Town of Vienna Public Works Department: 703-255-6380


    If you need information during a snowstorm, here are some useful resources:


    Town of Vienna Snow Website:


    Vienna Virginia Snow Closing / General Info Hotline: 703-255-6333


    If you need to reach the police or fire department, the following are some useful resources. In the case of a life-threatening emergency, please dial 9-1-1 immediately.


    Town of Vienna Police (Police Headquarters)

    215 Center Street, S.

    Vienna, VA 22180-5731




    Vienna Volunteer Fire Station

    400 Center Street South

    Vienna, VA 22180

    Station: 703-938-2242

    Administration: 703-938-2678



    To contact utility providers:


    Fairfax Water:

    8570 Executive Park Ave, Fairfax, VA 22031

    703-698 5600

    After Hours Emergency 703-698 5613



    Power and Other Utilities

    Dominion Power number to report power outages is 1-866-DOM-Help (1-866-366-4357), TTY 711.

    Dominion Power: Outages Map NoVa Specific


    Dominion Power: Interactive Outages Map



    Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative (NOVEC) customers report outages at 1-888-335-0500 or 703-335-0500.


    Washington Gas:

    1-800-752-7520 or 703-750-1400, TTY 711


    Columbia Gas:

    1-800-544-5606, TTY 1-800-231-3238


    Communication (TV/Internet/Phone)

    Cox Communications:






    Miss Utility:



    If you live outside the Town of Vienna and you need to contact non-emergency or hospital personnel, the following are some useful resources. In the case of a life-threatening emergency, please dial 9-1-1:



    Fairfax County Police

    For Non-Emergencies Call

    703-691-2131, TTY 703-204-2264


    Fairfax County Public Schools


    Fairfax County Public Schools Emergency Announcement



    Inova Fairfax Hospital

    3300 Gallows Road

    Falls Church, VA 22042



    For residents of Fairfax County outside of the Town of Vienna:

    Fairfax County Government

    Health Department (703) 246-2411

    Public Works Emergency (703) 323-1211

    Plumbing Inspections - Commercial (703) 324-1910

    Plumbing Inspections- Residential (703) 631-5101

    Sanitary Sewer Billing Information (703) 324-5015

    Sanitary Sewer Back-ups and Line Maintenance (703) 250-2003

    Storm Drainage (703) 934-2800

    Trash Collection (703) 550-3481

    Privately Owned Wells (703) 246-2201


    Fairfax County Public Schools



    Fairfax County Public Schools Emergency Announcement



    For information about roads, to report a pothole, or other transportation-related information:



    VDOT Fairfax County District Office

    1-800-FOR-ROAD (1-800-367-7623)

    VDOT Northern Virginia Road Conditions Site:


    VDOT Statewide Services

    511 VDOT Road conditions, snow plow information, 24/7

    1.800.367.7623 VDOT Customer service center 24/7


    Fairfax County's Winter Weather Preparedness website contains information for dealing with weather events and you can sign up for alerts to your email or phones:

    Fairfax County Winter Preparedness

    Winter Weather Preparedness - Fairfax County, Virginia.

    Snow Removal Tips by the VA Dept of Transportation (VDOT)

    In case of snow, VDOT is asking residents to please avoid parking vehicles on the street if possible to allow the neighborhoods to be plowed more effectively. If you must park on the street, please park on the odd numbered side to assist VDOT plows.

    Clear the areas around mailboxes and fire hydrants. Postal service employees may have to deliver important medicines and need access to mailboxes. Public safety personnel need to locate the nearest hydrant in the event of a fire.

    Pay particular attention to parking spots identified as handicap parking spaces for people with disabilities and ensure they are cleared of snow and ice to make them accessible.

    If your street needs plowing or treatment, you can call VDOT at 1-800-367-7623.


    For statewide information on emergency preparedness, plans programs for dealing with any type of disaster, including terrorism:


    Department of Emergency Management

    10501 Trade Ct. Richmond, VA 23236-3713

    804-897-6500 (Voice)

    804-897-6506 (FAX)

    800-468-8892 emergency operations center to report emergency situations 24 hours a day

    877-482-8477 State Police terrorism hotline www.vaemergency.com


    For statewide education information:



    Community College System, Virginia

    101 N 14th Street, 15th floor Richmond, VA 23219 Administers 23 community colleges in Virginia.

    804-819-4901 804-371-8504 (TDD) 804-819-4760 (FAX)

    Northern Virginia Community College campuses


    Department of Education

    101 North 14th Street Richmond, VA 23219 Serves as the governing body for K-12 education.

    Accredits schools and sets broad standards for schools and graduation requirements.

    800-292-3820 for general information www.pen.k12.va.us


    For information on recycling in Virginia:



    Administrative Office

    Solid Waste Management Program

    12000 Government Center Parkway

    Suite 458

    Fairfax, VA 22035-0059

    703-324-5230, TTY 711

    Fax: 703-324-3950


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